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SingPost - Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

Managing the order flow from fulfillment to returns

8The inventory in SingPost’s warehouse is synced in real-time between the eCommerce platform and SingPost’s warehouse management system (High Jump) to assure customers shopping on the online store that the product they are viewing is available and will be delivered if they place an order.
SingPost eCommerce owns the IP for its order management system which is called Supplizer. Supplizer is flexible enough to support single or multiple sources of fulfillment. It also allows the merchant to manage multiple vendors and enforce key SLAs as required. The whole end-to-end flow of orders from the front end store all the way to delivery to the customer can be monitored and tracked using SingPost’s ecommerce platforms.
The Supplizer platform also supports RMA and helps track the return inventory into SingPost’s warehouse. Call center agents can create the RMA using Supplizer and send it to the customer. This also triggers an advance return notification to the relevant warehouse in the destination country so that the warehouse can verify the product upon receipt and confirm the return.