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SingPost - Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

Managing the browse Journey

6The browse journey is the beginning of the customer’s interaction with a client’s ecommerce store. It is important to manage this interaction and optimize it to help customers easily find what they are looking for. SingPost eCommerce’s platform supports user journey optimization through a layered/faceted navigation approach which utilizes product attributes. The product attributes are completely customizable and configurable based on product types supporting a wide range of products.

In SingPost’s experience, nearly 30% of visitors to an ecommerce site use a site’s search feature and expect an experience on par with search engines like Google. The ecommerce platform provided by SingPost eCommerce includes an integrated powerful search engine which provides best practice search features. The site search provides search suggestions with product thumbnails and category listing for matches as the user types into the search box. By showing quick and accurate results for customer searches it enhances the usability of the site, and is particularly critical for a client which is expected to have large catalogs.  

The site search is also fully integrated to the control panel allowing easy modification of fields that a client wants to make searchable. The search results can be sorted in many different ways apart from the standard price, ratings and other attributes. Custom boosting can be done based on product inventory levels and other attributes.

The platform provides features that help personalize the customer journey by displaying the recently browsed products and recently searched products, and product recommendations can be made based on the products viewed by the customer.

Another key feature of SingPost’s platform is the product detail page. The design and layout of SingPost’s product detail pages supports rich visual content like multiple product images and large product images to allow zooming in, and video from streaming services.

Features such as social sharing and email-a-friend are also available as part of SingPost’s standard ecommerce stack which enhances consumer interaction around the product. With regards to stock checks, real time inventory check at the point of product purchase is available to assure customers about the availability of the product. Customers tend to give more weight to reviews from fellow shoppers so SingPost’s platform also provides a capable moderated review system in the online store, which can be integrated across all client online stores so that customers in one market can benefit from the reviews of customers in another market.