Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

SingPost - Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

Maintainability, Scalability and Security


  • Reliable, Scalable and Secure
  • 100% uptime, multiple levels of redundancy
  • Local payment methods
  • Platform for growth
  • Endorsed by CTO of
  • Chef deployment
  • eCommerce Platform: Customised Third Party
  • Middleware: MuleSoft
  • OMS & Fulfillment: Own
  • Integrated with Exact Target, RJ Metrics, Gigya

SingPost’s platform is built to be modular and easily extensible. The service orientation makes it easy to onboard new customers, and add any additional functionality. It is built to handle a very large number of products and high transaction volumes.
The system can scale horizontally to handle large browse volumes and it has redundancies built at every layer. The platform uses http accelerator to improve the site performance. The heavy caching layer and use of CDN to delivery all the graphical elements throughout the site helps achieve high levels of performance.
The system is designed to store only necessary data. All credit card information is stored with PCI-DSS certified vendor systems and tokenization is used to provide customers with saved card functionality. There is a separate https cookie used to combat session hijacking.
The payment transactions always use 3D secure authentication which eliminates chances for fraud in many countries. Also the site is fully protected having been hosted in a virtual private cloud and access is fully restricted by using VPN and MFA for control panels.
The system has redundancy built across multiple data centers. The key components have redundancies built across data centers so that loss of a data center will not cripple the functioning of the customer facing systems.