Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

SingPost - Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

Integrated eCommerce Platform Features

12SingPost eCommerce offers the following ecommerce modules as part of its standard ecommerce platform:

Web Storefront:
1) Catalog Management
2) Catalog Browsing
3) Master Product Catalog Management
4) Marketing, Promotion and Other Tools
5) Search Engine Optimization
6) Site Management
7) Checkout, Payment and Shipping
8) Order Management
9) Customer Service
10) International Support
11) Analytics and Reporting
12) Mobile Commerce
13) Rich Merchandising Suite (RMS)
14) Login Methods
15) Dynamic Rule Based Product Relations
16) Persistent Shopping
17) Automated Email Marketing Reminder
18) Private Sales
19) Customer Attribute Management
20) Administrator Permission Roles on Website and Store Levels
21) Price and Promotion Permission
22) Logging of Administrator Actions
23) Order Archiving
24) Search
25) Support for Alternate Media Storage – CDN and Database

Supplizer (Order Management System)

1) Order and Supplier Management
2) Product Content
3) Shipping optimization
4) Shipping and Management Visibility
5) Reverse Logistics