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SingPost - Helping You Do eCommerce in Asia

Catalog Management and administration

9SingPost’s eCommerce platform is designed to handle and support multi-pricing across different markets, platforms and devices using one master catalog. The system supports a wide variety of products like products with simple attributes sets which do not have any variations based on any attributes, and configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.) products like apparel, and bundled and grouped products which can be created out of the simple and configurable products. The system can also support virtual products like software which can be made downloadable after purchase and also the purchase of extended warranty.
Pricing plays an important role in online conversions so the SingPost platform supports multiple pricing types and promotions. The platform can also offer special pricing to targeted customer groups, for example loyal customers can be offered a specific price.
Pricing can be managed by country and website level independent of the currency conversion. This would allow a client to customize pricing by country for the same catalog. Catalog management becomes extremely simple with one centralized catalog that provides views for different countries and allows for easy content management.
SingPost eCommerce’s systems will offer multiple secure integration channels between the platform and a client’s systems. SingPost supports XML, CSV or any other flat file formats. SingPost eCommerce has transformation interfaces which could consume a client’s data formats and convert them to fit the needed formats. Once this has been set up the whole process will be automated and work seamlessly. Introducing new products and managing pricing for existing products will then become fully streamlined and can be done with minimal manual intervention.